Public Transit in the Niagara Region

Those with the lowest income cannot afford a car and those that can no longer drive must spend a disproportionate amount of time on public transit going somewhere that is within a short distance. For example, it can take an hour to go from the bus station in downtown Niagara Falls to Dorchester Rd and McLeod. Surely we can come up with a better route.

Another issue with our current transportation systems is the size of the buses in relation to the use. We may be able to purchase smaller buses and create more direct routes. The job of a bus driver in Niagara Region is probably one that many persons would welcome the opportunity to have. The cost of the vehicles and fuel would be reduced so that the employment cost increase would be compensated for.

We can go further and find out which employers believe that they would benefit from a faster well integrated transit system. We can ask the employees as well. We can review the studies done in the past.

In summary, let’s look at the information we have, decide what else we need to know, come up with concrete proposals and work together to improve our public transit throughout the region.

The transportation that is currently provided for people with disabilities – Niagara Specialized Transit Service – needs to be fully funded and available as needed rather than subject to sudden changes in availability due to the cost.