Where Marijuana Should Not Be Smoked

After listening to the concerns of various people in our region I recognize that it may not be a good idea to apply the cigarette smoking by-laws with respect to where marijuana can be smoked. I read an article where the suggestion is made that the legislation be more in line with what we have for alcohol, i.e. that it not be allowed in public places. I am interested in hearing more opinions on the topic.

The police are working on educating the public about what is considered impaired by drugs when driving. It is not a new task for the police as persons have been charged and convicted for driving while impaired by drugs in the past.

Students in our public and high schools will be underage for smoking or ingesting marijuana so the current procedures used by the schools to deal with intoxicated students can continue.

It is probably most reasonable to acknowledge that the part of the population that currently uses marijuana will continue to do so. It will be great to no longer have the marijuana provided to those persons by the criminal element of our society.

Maybe we can use some of the money that comes from the legal sales to address our housing issues.